Kungsleden (Kvikkjokk to Hemavan)

Pictures are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewh1978/sets/72157628416699143/

Kvikkjokk - Tsielekjåkkstugan
We caught the afternoon ferry across the lake from Kvikkjokk, so only had time for a half day walk. There was a gentle climb up to the hut, which was a nice ending to the first day. It was well equipped with two beds (with mattresses) and a wood stove.

Tsielekjåkkstugan - Tjäurakåtan
We decided on a long walk after the previous day, and the final climb meant less work for the next. We passed a good campsite at the bottom before the climb, just west of Västerfjall. The huts on the plateau are private and locked.

Tjäurakåtan - Vuonatjviken
This passed over the highest point of the first half of the walk at around 1020m. It also crossed south of the Arctic Circle. There ws very little opportunity for camping lower down, due to the number of trees. However, at the end is a house, where you are allowed to camp and use the shower, for a cost of 25SEK per person.

Saudal - Jäkkvik
The owner of the house can take you across the lake to Saudal. After that it is a short, undulating walk of about 3 hours to the next lake. There is no longer a regular boat across this lake, and the Kungsleden has been rerouted to the west. However, at Vuonatjviken, we had been given a telephone number for a fisherman who charged 500SEK between 4 of us to get across. In the village is a youth hostel with restaurant, some cabins and a garage that sells food.

Jäkkvik - Adolfström
Follow the signs back onto the Kungsleden opposite the youth hostel. This is another forest climb, passing a hut, through a national park, down to a river, and then two separate climbs. There is a campsite at the park boundary. It continues down through the trees to the village, where there are a shop, restaurant and some cabins.

Adolfström - Sjnjultje
The end of the road through Adolfström becomes the Kungsleden. It begins an easy walk round the lake and through the nature reserve. Then there is a slight climb to a shelter, which continues through the trees and over the hills, followed by a short descent to the hut, which is set back on the right. It has been rebuilt after the fire a few years ago. There is no running water, so lake water must be boiled.

Sjnjultje - Rävfallsstugan
This section begins flat, followed by a long climb that levels out and turns right. At the time, there were quad-bike trails going in the wrong direction, which were easily followed. Finally, a descent through the trees comes out a the hut. This is a large hut, most of which is locked, unless a key is collected from Ammarnäs youth hostel. There is no opportunity to camp anywhere on this section.

Rävfallsstugan - Ammarnäs
This section begins with a gentle climb which then goes over the peak. There is a possible camping opportunity at Stabburet on the way down. There are another two short peaks to traverse. Finally, the village is in site, and there is a steep descent down the ski slope, which ends at a road. Turn left here, then left to the youth hostel or right to the shops. Here we took two days off.

Ammarnäs - Servestugan
Head out of the village over the bridge and turn right. There is a long but easy climb out to Aigertstugan, but we did not stay there and continued over the pass. There is a rocky scramble to a shelter and an easy descent to the next shelter, then a steady descent to Servestugan.

Servestugan - Tärnasjöstugorna
This begins with steady climb out of Servestugan. There is an undulating walk before the descent to Tärnasjöstugorna.

Tärnasjöstugorna - Syterstugan
This is a flat walk along the lake, with 5 bridges to cross it, followed by a short climb to the hut. From here, it is possible to take a day off and climb Norra Sytertoppen, a peak of 1768m.

Syterstugan - Hemavan
This is supposed to be two days walk, with a stop at Viterskalsstugan. It begins with a short climb and a turn to the right into the valley, which was very windy. The hut is where the valley bends to the left. The path continues along the valley, with a short climb over the top. Just when you think you are almost in Hemavan, looking down on it, the route is very indirect and undulating. In Hemavan, there are shops, hotels, cabins and a youth hostel, and the airport.